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Silhouette of Soldiers



Supporting those who protect our freedom

The partners at LNCsearch all come from military families and we are grateful for the troops, past and present, of the United States Military that have committed to serving and protecting our country. 


We understand that transitioning out of military service to a civilian career can be challenging. Our goal is to help military personnel market their unique skills developed while serving in uniform. We work to show clients that Veterans possess a rare combination of Loyalty, Leadership, Drive, and the ability to Succeed in extreme circumstances.


If you are military personnel looking to transition to a civilian career or a client wanting to hire veterans, please reach out to LNCsearch.

A lineage of military success

“As a Special Operations veteran, I was unsure of how to market the intangible skills I acquired on Active Duty to a civilian career. Furthermore, I was in a new city with a limited social and professional network. LNC’s partners took the time to listen to my story and taught me how to relate my experience to the private sector. Two years, two raises, and a promotion later, I am grateful for their assistance through the transition process.”  - US Army Veteran

Veteran Testimonial

“Humans are more important than hardware”

-Army Special Operations Truth

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