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Supply Chain

& Operations

From start to finish

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that a strong Supply Chain keeps a nation moving

Creating and delivering a product from start to finish is a process with many key components.  We can help you find professional talent in every function of the supply chain.  LNC offers interim and permanent solutions for mid-tier to C-Suite level roles within:

  • Procurement 

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing 

  • Quality Control 

  • Safety

  • Distribution 

  • 87% of today's customers are willing to wait two or more days for free shipping

  • By using a TMS solution , a shipper can reduce freight invoice payments by 95%

  • 48% of supply chain and transportation executives say they are experiencing the need to reevaluate warehouse locations due to shifting trade patterns resulting from changes in the US Economy

  • Businesses with optimal supply chains have 15% lower supply chain costs, 50% less inventory holdings, and 4x cash to cash cycles than those not focused on SCO optimization

Supply Chain & Operations Facts

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